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Who we are


The Kamynu Trust funds organisations working to improve mental health and wellbeing among marginalised communities, with a focus on the Arab world.
Kamynu supports initiatives that combat the stigma around mental health and that work towards making services accessible to communities dealing with adversity.
We work with organisations that apply unconventional and creative approaches. We strongly believe in the importance of creating spaces where creative, free expression can thrive.

What we do


We provide funding for organizations that are striving to improve mental health and wellbeing by:

  • Combating the stigma surrounding mental health issues through raising awareness and increasing access to
  • Working on increasing access, availability and affordability of services for marginalised and disadvantaged groups.

  • Exploring new, non-traditional and creative approaches to mental health and wellbeing, with a specific focus on organizations that use art therapies. The KT strongly believes in the importance of creating spaces and strengthening communities where creative and free expression can thrive.

Organisations we support

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